Simon Hedger - Sculptor



Myrddin Emrys (Merlin Ambrosius), Mystical Magicial..... "When Merlins Oak comes tumbling down so will Carmarthen Town"..... this is the old saying in Carmarthenshire where Merlin was said to have lived.

A story appeared in the Carmarthen Journal that a 500 year old Oak tree was to be felled to make way for a new shopping centre and by a twist of fate the trunk ended up in Simon Hedger's studio where it stayed for five years waiting for the right commission. When the owner of Greyfriars (now Merlin's Walk) asked Simon to carve a Merlin sculpture, he knew he had the right piece of wood for the commission. Merlin was first talked about in the Black Book of Carmarthen which was written by monks in the 13th Century in Greyfriars, which is the very place the sculpture of Merlin now stands.

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