Simon Hedger - Sculptor


Bran The Blessed

Bran the Blessed was carved so that his shoulders and head are the Irish Sea and the plume on his helmet is the Welsh army that he is carrying. As you fall down his shoulder the swans symbolise the elegance of the Lady of the Lake whilst under her the white cattle of this legend step out of the water. Below the cattle is the husband of the lady of the Lake wailing at his loss.

As you cast your eyes down his other shoulder, the red dragon is the symbol of Wales whilst the salmon swim in shallow water and curl around his beard that holds the legend of Peregrin and the mermaid. On his chest as the centre piece is the spell of Gwydion the magician as he creates the hunting dogs. The stags appears as a representation of Cernnunos, the horned Celtic God of fertility, life, animals, wealth and the underworld. As we see the hawk flying down his shoulder over the battle of Twrch Trwyth. 

As we reach his feet he stands on Pentre Ifan and the dancing fairies.. if you can see them! Around the sides is Branwen holding her kitchen spoon after being locked in the castle as a kitchen servant. Around the other side is the cauldron of Rebirth where the soldiers constantly birth out of as Bran attempts to rescue Branwen. Down his back is his plait of hair that becomes the adder who kills Adam above Roche castle.

To find out more about the actual process of carving the sculpture please visit the chit chat page.

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