Merlin Carmarthen
Myrddin Emrys (Merlin Ambrosius)

Myrddin Emrys (Merlin Ambrosius), mystical magician,
"When Merlins Oak comes tumbling down so will Carmarthen town" the old saying...
A story appeared in The Carmarthen Journal that a 500 year old Oak was to be felled to make way for a new shopping centre and by a twist of fate the trunk ended up on Simon's yard where it stayed for 5 years waiting for the right commission. When the owner of Greyfriars (now Merlin's Walk) asked Simon to carve a Merlin sculpture, he knew he had the right piece of wood. Merlin was first talked about in the Black Book of Carmarthen which was written by monks in 13th Century in Greyfriars, which is the very place that the sculpture of Merlin now stands.

merlin merlin carmarthen Merlins Oak on the way
oak dragon
Oak Dragon

This Oak Dragon was carved for the year of myths and legends for a secret garden near Ciliau Aeron

welsh dragon dragon sculpture
Bra The Blessed
Bran The Blessed

Bran the Blessed was carved so that his shoulders and head are the Irish Sea and the plume on his helmet is the Welsh army that he is carrying. As you fall down his shoulder the swans symbolise the elegance of the Lady of the Lake whilst under her the white cattle of this legend step out of the lake. Below the cattle is the husband of the lady of the Lake wailing at his loss.
As you cast your eyes down his other shoulder, the red dragon is the symbol of Wales whilst the salmon swim in shallow water and curl around his beard that holds the legend of Peregrin and the mermaid. On his chest as the centre piece is the spell of Gwydion the magician as he creates the hunting dogs. The stags appears as a representation of Cernnunos, the horned Celtic God of fertility, life, animals, wealth and the underworld. As we see the hawk flying down his shoulder over the battle of Twrch Trwyth.
As we reach his feet he stands on Pentre Ifan and the dancing fairies.. if you can see them! Around the sides is Branwen holding her kitchen spoon after being locked in the castle as a kitchen servant. Around the other side is the cauldron of Rebirth where the soldiers constantly birth out of as Bran attempts to rescue Branwen. Down his back is his plait of hair that becomes the adder who kills Adam above Roche castle.

Simon Hedger Bra The Blessed
Bran the Blessed by Simon Hedger
Bran the Blessed

Carved from Monterey Cypress, he stands at over 4m tall. In the process 2 great trunks were joined together for the body and base and then carved his arms separately. He is inlaid with all the mythical legends of Wales & Pembrokeshire. More pictures to follow but this is him near completion. welsh mythology in the carving
Dragon relief by Simon Hedger for Men in Sheds Wales
Dragon Relief

This carving was created as part of a demonstration and talk for Age Cymru and Men in Sheds at The National Museum of Wales in Cardiff

Simon Hedger Hare
6ft Hare

Carved from Monterey Cypress. I was very pleased with the posture of the sculpture and the wild look I caught in his eye. hare wooden sculpture of a hare by Simon Hedger
Beatrix Potter carving in oak
Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter carving at Cila Primary School in Swansea

simon hedger squirrel nupkin
dragons nest

The dragons nest has been carved out of a Leylandii tree whilst the mother dragon is swooping in and out of the ground and the lovers bench was made from its branches.

simon hedger love bench dragons nest
fairy castle water feature
Where fairies dwell...

Two examples of fairy castles, one of which has been used to create a water feature into a fish pond.

sculpture of a fairy castle
The White Rabbit
The White Rabbit

Carved from one Oak trunk as a private commission and now sitting in a beautiful setting that suits his character. Based on the character of the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

Carved by Simon Hedger Alice in Wonderland
Family crest of a hunting dog
One Day Carvings

Each of these pieces was created in one day, working on-site in people's gardens where a tree had recently been cut down. If you are having a tree trimmed and would like a sculpture in your garden, you could leave a limb or two on the tree so that the tree is an interesting shape for carving. Here you can see a hunting dogs head representing a family crest, an Easter Island head and a swan carving.

Easter Island head swan carving by Simon Hedger wizard dragon diving otter goblin
Simon Hedger
A pair of wolves

A private commission of a pair of wolves carved in Cedar.

Cedar Wolves
quaker peace pole
Quaker Peace Pole

A commission by Leighton Park School in Reading. Carved from their Oak tree which was felled for the project. Roughed out on the ground and then stood up for finishing.

leighton park school simon hedger
Simon Hedger bridge
Japanese Garden

A private commission in an old traditional garden. The commission included a Japanese bridge and two Japanese style arches carved in Sweet Chestnut with the fish carved in Yew.

simon hedger bridge japanese arch

These three carvings were designed by the customer and were carved into the trees in his garden. His explanation of the carvings are as follows:
The first carving is a dragon that symbolises the force of ultimate creation of the universe that we live in. The dragon clutches the egg in its claws, it is nascent consciousness yet to emerge.
The second carving is divided into four levels representing the Greek elements of Water represented by the waves, Earth represented by the ripples of a beach and mountains, Air the third level with the helix motif representing wind and Fire set at the top.
The third carving has the broken Egg at its base, the birth of consciousness into the universe with the strands of conscious entities emerging. The piece is a multi dimensional representation. The three dimensions of space have been flattened into the two dimensions of the horizontal plane, the vertical direction is the dimension of time from the base to the top. The paths of each strand are moving in Minkowski space time, tracing the life path of each person.

The Four Elements Twining
The Mad Hatter in Llandudno
Llandudno Alice in Wonderland

A series of sculptures commissioned by Llandudno County Council of Lewis Carroll's characters from Alice in Wonderland. The carvings were commissioned to commemorate 160th anniversary of the birth of Alice Liddell.

Alice in Wonderland, Llandudno The Queen of Hearts in Llandudno The White Rabbit in Llandudno Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee in Llandudno The Cheshire Cat in Llandudno
Noah in the children's garden
Noah & the Sea Serpent

The finished Noah and sea serpent carvings were delivered to Cardiff Heath Hospital on 20th March. They were both commissioned by the Noah's Ark Appeal for the children's ward garden which will be officially opening on 31st May.... watch this space...

Sea serpent being unloaded. Two by two... there are forty animals carved into Noah.
Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland

A private commission carved in Cedar, replicating a print from the original story.... All directions point to the Mad Hatter...

Alice & The Mad Hatters signpost Alice & the Mad Hatter
Commemoration of first world war
Commemoration of 1st World War

A commission as part of the Caerleon festival. It is one part of a three piece carving, each piece carved by an individual artist - all 3 of which can be viewed on Simon Hedger facebook page. This is the last scene of the piece which symbolises the end of the war.

carved in cedar of lebanon
Large Bear
Large Bear

Carved on location in Cedar overlooking the Severn Bridge

Cedar Bear Standing Bear
swan xylophone for Cilgerran park
Cilgerran wildlife park

Two more pieces of work were commissioned by Cilgerran park to join the fairy castle. These included a swan drum made from Ash and Sweet Chestnut - the xylophone has many notes and can be heard from a great distance as the trunk of the sculpture is hollow and acts as a sound box.
The second piece is a Red Deer carved from Cedar.... watch out for it hiding in the grass if you visit Cilgerran.....

Red Deer at Cilgerran Park Fairy castle in place at Cilgerran Wildlife park
fairy house before final finish
Fairy castle in progress...

The beginnings of the fairy house unfurl.... carved from a giant hollowed out sweet chestnut tree with a foxglove roof..... with a few fairies having visited already.

A fairy peaks out from inside the fairy castle.... A stain glass window in the fairy dwelling carved by Simon Hedger
Pirate on his treasure chest
The Pirate of Porthkerry

Commissioned by Porthkerry Country Park in Barry, this large cedar carving of a pirate was inspired by a storytelling workshop in the park.

Pirate before final finish Pirate
Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee
Finished Alice sculptures

Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee and the Cheshire Cat with their final finish and just awaiting installation in Llandudno.

Dum & Dee The Cheshire Cat
The Cheshire Cat
Phase two of Alice in Wonderland

The cheshire cat is carved from Cedar and you can see here the development of the project. Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee are carved from a single Oak tree and are yet to have their final finish. Carved as part of a commission for Conwy County Council.

The Cheshire cat in progress... Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum yet to have their final finish... Alice in Wonderland characters
Vapour trail from concorde

A private commission for an airline pilot. Concorde carved from sweet chestnut and mounted onto the swirling smoke to create this leaning totem. Picture in final position yet to be added.

The shape of the smoke is never the same but the pattern has a law.
Cedar horse
Fire Horse

5ft high horse carved from cedar as it leaps out of the fire...

Leaping from the flames
The dragon nearly completed in Simon's workshop
Musical Dragon

Commissioned by Little Bealings Primary School in Ipswich. Simon created a musical dragon that had xylophone wings and many other musical notes all carved into the work, including a musical tail, feet and tongue. Carved from a whole trunk of sweet chestnut and was finished by all the children at the school who painted the dragon red.
Simon Hedger spent two days at the school working with the children to create more musical instruments made from wood and telling magical dragon stories.

The Dragon loaded on the trailer ready for its journey from Wales to England With  magic volcano paint the children at Little Bealings primary painted the dragon red
The Westonbirt Wolf

Carved from a large piece of Douglas Fir as part of the Westonbirt annual "Festival of the Tree". Deep in the 600 acres of Westonbirt woodland you will find this carving illustrating the game 'What's the time Mr wolf?'.

Wolf Wolf's head
Rocket ready for launch.. test 1..
Rocket Launch

Carving of a painted rocket taking off using three sections of wood joined together.

5...4...3..2...1... take off! SIMON HEDGER
The Mad Hatter's Tea Party
The Mad Hatter

Carved as part of a four piece Alice in Wonderland commission for Conwy Council to stand on the promenade in Llandudno, North Wales. Carved from a giant Oak tree sourced in Berkshire

Mad Hatter The dormouse is fast asleep whilst the Mad Hatter pours a cup of tea.. Revealing the Mad Hatter in the wood...
Carving the giant Alice
Alice in Wonderland

Alice is carved from the same giant Oak tree as the Mad Hatter as part of the Conwy County Borough Council commission. Alice will begin the trail around Llandudno, meeting people as they get off the train. Alice has just taken some of the magic potion that has made her extremely big.

At Alice's feet is the cake and the potion that changes her size so that she can enter Wonderland Simon Hedger has tried to stay in keeping with Lewis Carrolls story of Alice in Wonderland as he has carved these sculptures
Off with their heads!
The Queen of Hearts

Carved from Cedar, The Queen of Hearts is 3metres in height and sculpted from two separate pieces of wood to express her domineering influence. The Queen of Hearts is shouting "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!"

This carving is still in progress and once finished, she will be holding a heart shape sceptre The Queen of Hearts
Carving the Rabbits feet
The White Rabbit

The Rabbit is carved from Oak. He will be part of the trail of Alice carvings in Llandudno and his footprints will be found leading members of the public around the trail. The rabbit is holding a large clock that points in the direction of the trail at quarter past three.

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date.... A giant wooden rabbit dressed in a fine coat.
Moving Alice with the tractor to bring her into the light to finish carving.
Working on the Alice project

If you want to follow my process of the Alice in Wonderland carvings you can catch up with them on my facebook page.

The Queen was made in two parts so that I could get strength of grain running through her pointed finger.
The serpent in the sea of its own shavings...
Sea Serpent

The Sea Serpent sculpture has also been commissioned for Heath Hospital children's ward garden. He is made from four separate pieces of Cedar, as he dives in and out of the ocean.

Serpent head
Noah in the process of being carved.

This large 11ft sculpture of Noah, carved in Cedar, was commissioned for Heath Hospital in relationship with the Noah's Ark Appeal for a new garden connected to the children's ward. In his cloak and around his body are all the animals he is gathering together to take onto the Ark, whilst his beard and the top of his head represent the swirl of the ocean that he is saving them from.

Simon starting out on the Noah commission.... Noah just after being oiled
The Three Red Kites
The Flying Red Kites of Gwynfe

This sculpture is made of Oak and was commissioned as the symbol of Capel Gwynfe.

sculpture in the workshop before delivery
The Pilgrim

This carving is a larger than life size statue of the pilgrim climbing to the top of the mountain. It was commissioned by the Blue Mountain security company and now stands proudly outside their head office.

sculpture in position after delivery
The finished carving...
Westonbirt Wizard

The wizard is carved from a large piece of Cedar, in which the knots in the wood were used as the centres of the flowers. He was carved as part of a fundraising event for Tree Aid at Westonbirt Arboretum over a period of three days.

Simon will be returning to Westonbirt Arboretum wood festival in August 2012 to carve a commission piece.

Installing the three totems
Penmoelallt Totem Poles

These three totem poles were commissioned by Penmoelallt Community woodland. Below is some feedback from the community woodland Co-ordinator:

“The Merthyr Tydfil and District Naturalists have been developing Penmoelallt Community Woodland north of Merthyr Tydfil. Ten, self seeded Western Hemlocks had formed a copse which was starving the woodland of light. Simon listened to our requirements for the 16 ft lengths of felled wood, advised us, drew sketches and then worked with great speed, skill and tenacity. He carved ten different animals and birds then installed our three magnificent totem poles. They stand securely on a 45 degree slope in the heart of Penmoelallt Community Woodland. The totem poles are amazing! My favourite carvings are the bats in flight with mischievous expressions on their faces! Visit them for yourself? GPS N° 51 46.29 W° 003 25 30”
Alison Richards
Penmoelallt Community Woodland

The totem Magpie chasing a Hawk Owl sitting in the totem
Helvetia Shipwreck

This was a private commission. A relief carving in Beech showing the shipwreck of Helvetia with Worm's Head in the background.

Ebbwvale coalminers
Ebbwvale Coalminers

This carving was commissioned by Ebbwvale Council for the National Eisteddfod of Wales. The piece stands on the foundations of the original steel mill which was fed on Ebbwvale coal. Each face of the three sides of the post represent the journey of one man from boyhood to manhood... as a boy, opening and closing the vents of the mines, as a man he is leading a pit horse out of the mine and as an old man, releasing the pit pony onto the hillside as technology moved to steam.

At the very bottom of the carving, in the last few inches of wood, can be found the men on their bellies deep underground, mining the coal.

Pit pony The coal miners at work on their bellies
Rebecca Riots
Rebecca Riots

This sculpture was commissioned by St. Clears Council and is of the Rebecca Riots. Between 1839 and 1844, a group of welsh farmers dressed in women’s clothes calling themselves ‘Rebecca and her daughters’, they were protesting the high toll gate prices in the areas around South Wales.

This floodlit sculpture stands in St Clears within eye sight of the original toll gate. The three figures have been carved out of a 120 year old cedar trunk. The traditionally hand-made ash gate holds back Rebecca and her daughter in the frame of two large oak posts.

Rebecca Riots in position in St. Clears