About Simon Hedger

Simon was born in Cambridge and now lives in Wales, after studying at Art College in Carmarthen at the age of 20. His artistic gifts were put to one side whilst he raised his three daughters and spent his 30's making tool handles. This is where he learnt to sculpt an axe handle, which is a craft in its own right.

He recalls hand carving a face into a log, which he then sold to a local shopkeeper for £50. This was the beginning of his wood-sculpting journey. He became a self-employed artist in 1996 winning the first prize at the National Eisteddfod of Wales in Llandeilo, having carved Lord Rhys sitting in his throne.

Shortly after that he became involved in community projects such as the Prince's Trust and local County Councils. This became the springboard for his career carving public sculptures. At this time he would have described himself as an axe and chisel carver, rarely using a chainsaw and only doing so to remove large chunks of wood. He attended local shows and demonstrated this hand craft. It was carving a totem pole by hand at the Welsh wood festival in the year 2004 that he had his first introduction to chainsaw carving.

Simon with wizard sculpture
Simon and his chainsaw!

This not only allowed him to start carving much larger sculptures but also enabled him to go to carving competitions where he met carvers from all over the world. This is the best inspiration an artist can have, being given the opportunity to meet carvers from many different cultures.

To this day, Simon describes himself as a passionate artist, putting all his life experience into his work.